Manage legal risk actively and access flexible commercial legal advice as needed from experienced in-house legal counsel.

Why Pedlam Risk?

 Many companies, particularly small to medium sized businesses, frequently wait for legal problems to arise. They then face heavy legal costs and distraction of management time in litigation and fire fighting. How much better to ensure that sensible preventative measures are in place to minimise the risk of distracting legal problems down the track? Many companies also tend to rely on their own senior management to handle legal affairs, when their time would be better spent focusing on developing a profitable business.


 Services Provided

  • Analysis of your legal risk with practical advice on how to improve the health of your business.

  • Advice on contracts, disputes and other legal issues affecting your business. 

  • Checking compliance with the many statutory provisions affecting your business, in a proportionate way.

  • Protecting your brand names, know how, copyright and other valuable information.

  • Creating robust credit control and debt management.

  • Selecting and managing relations with solicitors, brokers and other professional advisers to ensure that your company is getting best advice in a cost effective way.

  • Reviewing your insurances to ensure exposure to legal claims is covered sensibly, in line with applicable contract terms.